Blog Post Rewrite Service

Publishing duplicate content (a blog post that has already been published somewhere else) can hurt your SEO results and can hurt the group blog sites. If you have a good blog article and want to give it more exposure on multiple sites the best option is to rewrite it. Then you can publish two unique articles and get more SEO value.

But rewriting content takes time. And often it is hard to rewrite something you wrote because you liked the way you said it the first time. We can help.

With our service, an experienced writer for the Dynamics channel, who has worked with the ERP/CRM Software Blogs since 2009, will rewrite your content into a second blog post. The new post will be run through Copyscape Premium to confirm it is unique and less than 50% the same as content already published online.


“The Blog Rewrite service has been a very smooth process. The writer is easy to work with and seems very efficient. I am happy with the quality of the rewritten articles and would recommend this service to others who are time poor and need more blog content to spread around.”

Miree Le Roy, Partner Director – Channel Sales, IPM Global Pty Ltd

“Sharon has been doing a wonderful job rewriting our blog posts. From putting a fresh spin on older and outdated posts to creating different versions of newer blog posts, she ‘gets’ it. As a marketing department that has limited internal resources and suffering ‘blog exhaustion,’ being able to outsource at an affordable cost to somebody as professional and punctual as Sharon has been great.”

Marleen De Winter, Director of Marketing, Integrity Data

After you sign up, all you need to do is send us the URL of the original published post. A rewritten version will be returned to you, in a Word document. You can make any edits on your own and post the article on your own blog.

Or you can send the Word document back to our writer and it will be published for you on the ERP/CRM Software Blog sites. You don’t even need to login and publish it yourself.

Review the “Duplicate Content Guide” for our recommendations on which site to publish content on first.

Cost: $600 for 10 rewritten articles (within 1 year).

  • Fee will be charged to your credit card upon signup but can be refunded if not used within one year.
  • You are responsible to send us the URLs for the 10 articles you want to be rewritten.
  • Articles must be related to ERP/CRM content only unless specific arrangements are discussed with the writer.
  • One week turnaround time is up to the discretion of our writer if you send multiple URLs at once.


  • Articles more than 750 words may be split and counted as multiple posts.
  • Some articles are not a fit to be rewritten such as articles that are too technical or are mainly screenshots or quotes.  We will review and approve the URLs submitted.

For more information or to sign up email

“I appreciated the rewrite service. It was an easy way for us to publish additional content, without the extra work on our part to create it. The writer did a nice job of refreshing our original article.”

– Marcia Nita Doron, Marketing Director