Personalized Internet Marketing A La Carte Programs

Internet marketing and search engine optimization methods are constantly changing from month to month. Your staff needs to know the latest strategies to generate site traffic and leads to avoid wasting effort on useless strategies. You also need to avoid over-optimization that can result in penalties and a permanent loss of traffic. Internet marketing is not just about branding or website traffic; it is about lead generation.

We focus on helping ERP & CRM partners use the Internet to find real leads that will turn into sales and revenue.

Choose any FIVE of the eleven optimization programs detailed below for one price of $3,500.
Stand-alone programs are $800 each and additional programs are $600 each.


Internet Marketing Optimization and Training Programs:

Program 1: YouTube Video Optimization and YouTube Channel Setup:  YouTube and online videos have become an extremely important part of establishing an online presence. This program includes training on how to produce videos suitable for YouTube marketing. (Video editing services provided at additional cost). Plus, live training on how to optimize five of your existing YouTube videos to increase search traffic and drive visitors back to your website. This program also includes having one of our optimization experts optimize your company’s personal YouTube Channel with better header images, titles and links, video layouts and descriptions.

Program 2: Quick Quote Tool Subscription:  Interactive Limited has developed Quick Quote pricing wizard tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. These tools provide preliminary pricing for software licenses, maintenance, and implementation services in a personalized PDF. They can be used on your own website to attract and qualify new prospects. This program includes a six-month subscription with instructions to set up the tool on your own website and market it to prospects.

Program 3: Remarketing Online Banner Ads:  Typically, only 5% of your website visitors will convert to leads by making a phone call or filling out a form. If you can drive a large percentage of unconverted visitors back to your site you can improve your lead flow. “ReMarketing” allows you to place a cookie into the browser of anyone who visits your website. As they browse the web for the next few months, they will see your banner ads with specific messages intended to drive them back to your website, thus increasing their awareness of your brand. This program includes the design and setup of 6 banner ads in Google AdWords.

Program 4: Keyword Research:  Meta tags are an essential part of search engine optimization for your website, but often ERP & CRM partners target the wrong keywords. We know the ERP & CRM markets and the keywords that will help you rank on the first page of organic search engine results. This program includes consulting and training on which keywords to use and how to evaluate your site’s backlink strength, plus, meta tag writing for 10 pages of your website.

Program 5: Home Page, About Us Page, Landing Page Optimization, and Case Study Optimization:  This program includes training on best practices for improving your home page, landing pages, and case studies so more of your website visitors will convert into leads.

Program 6: Content Marketing:  Our last white paper for ERP & CRM partners generated 1,000 downloads in 2 months. This program includes training your staff on how to optimize and market infographics, press releases, and blog posts.

Program 7: Blog Optimization:  Many ERP & CRM partners now have their own blogs linked to their websites. Partners are also using the WordPress CMS to build and maintain their sites. But, few partners know how to take full advantage of their blogs and WordPress installations to maximize traffic and lead flow. This program includes training on cross-linking methods, blogger outreach, effective calls to action, WordPress plugins for SEO, and more.

Program 8: AdWords Campaign Optimization:  There are specific ways ERP & CRM partners can use AdWords campaigns to effectively drive leads without spending a fortune. You can lower your average pay-per-click costs by 20% and get better results. This program includes live training on how to analyze your AdWords query reports, improve quality scores, and use effective bidding techniques.

Program 9: Backlink Optimization:  Backlinks are the key to high search rankings, but building backlinks has never been more difficult. This program includes training on how to use tools to view, analyze, and improve your backlinks. Training also includes how to using ethical link building techniques based on the latest search engine algorithm changes and how to avoid dangerous backlinking methods that can get your site penalized.

Program 10: Optimizing Website Performance: Google ranks websites based on page load times and site health. We will help you diagnose and fix issues with your site by using Google Webmaster Tools, Pingdom Tools, and Xenu Link Sleuth. If you are launching a new website, or if you recently redesigned your website, you will also need to find broken links to old URLs. This program includes training on how to improve your site’s performance. It will also show your team how to monitor your website to ensure there are no issues that prevent your site from ranking well on search engines.

Program 11: Google Plus Setup and Optimization Training: Google plus is an important ranking factor in Google’s search engine algorithm.  Learn how to boost your Google Plus “Circles” network by following those that other people in your industry are following.  Learn how to use your Google plus account like a mini blog to build links to your website and your blog posts, and even obtain high rankings for Google plus posts themselves.  Learn how to build your profile rank by linking your Google Plus authorship tags in multiple blogs and even to web pages.  Also, learn how to set up your company’s Google Plus Local page and link it to your company website with publisher meta-tags.  Google plus is an important part of any social media campaign.  And get honest advice on things you should NOT do with Google Plus. Regular Price: $700. Special Offer: $100 off

Cost:  $3,000 for any FIVE of these programs. The five programs are usually completed over a five week period.
Stand-alone programs are $700 each and additional programs (more than five) are $500 each.

Each program includes a work component and a training component. You will receive marketing deliverables and your staff will learn exactly how we do what we do during live training webinars. The webinars are typically one hour long and they are recorded for your staff’s future use.


Why should you choose Interactive Limited? 1) We know the ERP & CRM markets. 2) We don’t just offer optimization services; we train your staff to be better Internet marketers. Our programs provide optimization services and step by step training at the same time. We teach your staff how to successfully optimize your campaigns and website during live training calls. You get important optimization work done now and your staff gains the knowledge to continue optimizing campaigns on their own.

For more information contact [email protected] or 888-800-0999. Ask for the “A La Carte Program”.