Quick Quote Tool Subscription Program

The Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM Quick Quote is a lead generation tool intended to gather contact info for ERP and CRM prospects in the buying cycle.

Since the launch in March 2010 the Dynamics ERP Quick Quote tool has proven to be very effective– attracting real prospects currently in the buying cycle. Prospects fill in a simple form and a professional PDF proposal with budgetary costs for software, maintenance and installation is automatically generated and emailed to both the prospect and the partner.  In the first 6 months after the tool was launched we received feedback on 139 Quick Quote leads given to partners. Of these quick quotes, 44 were reported to be solid opportunities (31%) and 7 closed deals (5%). In the first 30 days after the Dynamics CRM Quick Quote launch in Jan 2011 the tool generated 93 leads sent to partners, resulting in 3 closed deals.

This number continues to grow.

One ERP Software Blog member recently reported, “This was a really fast sale! They ended up purchasing the starter pack with 3 users. I definitely credit the Quick Quote for this sale! They received the information, we reached out, provided a demo and sent the invoice.”

With the new QQ Tool Subscription Program, you have the option to personalize and host the Quick Quote tool on your own personal website and keep all the leads.

The best part: you will receive ALL the Quick Quote leads generated from your website, in any location.


  • $250 one time set up/customization fee
  • $50 per month for current Interactive Limited Blog Members
  • $150 per month for non-blog members.


1. What kind of customization can I do to the Quick Quote tool:

CUSTOMIZATION Options include:

  • Contact Information
  • Company Logo displayed in header of every page of the proposal
  • Add link to customized thank you page after form is completed
  • Extra attachment to go out with the proposal (such as an About Us fact sheet of Case Study)

2. What information can NOT be customized?

  • Text in the proposal cannot be changed.
  • Layout and appearance cannot be changed.
  • Layout or content of the form cannot be changed.
  • Pricing can only be modified within the constraints of the systems pricing parameters

3. What type of technical/website requirements are there for hosting this tool on my site?

Ability to use I-frames (to host the form on your site). We will give you code for your webmaster to add to your site.  Note: Partners who use an I-frame must also provide a separate text link to the form page at ERP Software Blog below the I-frame. (see example at bottom of page). If you can not use an i-Frame you can put a graphic button or link on your site which will direct visitors to the form on the ERP blog site. (QQ will still be personalized if originated from your website).

4. What if I don’t get any leads from the QQ tool?

No guarantees are given on the number or quality of leads you receive.  The amount of traffic that you drive to the tool through website optimization strategies and SEO will directly impact the number of prospects who find your site and request a quick quote.  Interactive Limited can assist you in optimizing your webpage for an additional fee.

5. Is there a minimum subscription term/commitment?

No, you can cancel your subscription anytime with 30 days notice in writing sent to [email protected]

6. Who do I contact if the Quick Quote tool is not working properly?

For any technical questions please contact [email protected]

7.  What will the tool look like on my website?

We recommend that you add the tool as an iFrame to your website.   Please refer to: http://www.calszone.com/quick-quote/ as an example. If you do not have the ability to add this to your website, you can put a graphic box or button on your website. (see question 3)

8. What does the setup fee include?

The $250 one time set up fee includes working with you to customize the Quick Quote tool as outlined above. It does not include adding the code to your website, technical or SEO consulting.  This can be added for an additional charge.

9. Can I use the QQ tool without the subscription program?

You can put a graphic button or link from your website to the Quick Quote tool on the ERP/CRM Software Blog site for free.  This may help attract more local prospects. But you will only receive leads generated from your assigned state.

10. How can I get more information?

Contact [email protected]

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