1) Why is Interactive Limited and Anya Ciecierski the right team to manage this project?

Interactive Limited has experience working with 150+ software partners and is an approved Dynamics Marketing Services Bureau vendor. Anya Ciecierski is the Director of Marketing at a Dynamics VAR and has been in the channel since 1999. We know software partner goals, competition, keywords and resources.

2) Isn’t it free to set up my own blog? What if I already have a blog?

Blogs require constant improvement, back-links, and a steady supply of fresh posts.  Our group blogs have managers, editors, and developers who are constantly improving and maintaining the sites. Even if you have your own blog you can take advantage of the extra exposure.

3) Should I post on my own blog or the group blog?

We feel that successful companies will post on both their own blog site to build their brand, and the group blog sites to build their traffic. We realize that good content is hard to produce, so we can help you determine a strategy for where to post, depending on your goals. Read this tip.

4) What if I don’t have anything to write about or don’t have time to write?

We can offer suggestions for topics and writing skills as well as referrals and best practices for using outsourced writers. Every company has the skills to be great bloggers. See www.cwmktg.com/tips.

5) How much does it cost?

The membership fee for each site is $125 per month. Billed by ACH or credit card subscription on the first of the month by ERP Blog LLC. This is a month to month membership and can be canceled anytime with 30 days notice.

6) How many blog articles can I post?

You can post as many articles as you like, we encourage you to post at least one. We do ask that each article be unique content that has not been published before and we provide tips to do this effectively.

7) Is anyone else sponsoring this project?

This is an independent, Partner run and financed project, which gives us greater flexibility.  Microsoft and the other software vendors have actively encouraged our efforts.

8) Why should I join now?

There are a limited number of partners allowed per state – our first blog sites have filled up quickly and currently have wait lists.

9) How did these blogs get started?

Read the full history, and the faces behind it, in this blog post.

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