Why Group Blog

Group blogging is a low cost, low commitment way for you to get a tremendous amount of exposure. Get full details on membership benefits and costs in the PDF: Group Blogging For ERP and CRM Software Partners (Download)

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Top Benefits of Group Blogging:

  • Industry study shows that companies that blog get 55% more traffic to their website

    Industry study shows that companies that blog get 55% more traffic to their website

    Get higher rankings in search engines (without paying for sponsored ads)

  • Drive more prospects to your website
  • Establish your company as an industry expert
  • Stay up to date on best practices in SEO and online lead generation.
  • Attracts more social activity such as Tweets, Likes, and +1s

Reality:  Maintaining your own blog requires a large time investment with inconsistent results
Solution: Group Blogging!

Group Blogs Available for Membership

Membership Fee: $125 per month 


Open to Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partners (VAR/ISV)
Online membership application (1 per product per state)


Open to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partners (VAR/ISV)
Online membership application (3 per state)

www.erpsoftwareblog.com/cloud (launched April 2015)

Open to Intacct, Acumatica, Netsuite, SAP Business ByDesign, Dynamics Partners (VAR/ISV)
Online membership application (2 per state)

Blog Member Privileges & Responsibilities

Blog Member Commitments:

  • Watch new member training.
  • Submit 1 (or more) post/article per month. (recommended)
  • Pay monthly membership fee $125/month (month to month).

Blog Members Receive:

  • Access to professionally maintained blog site continually optimized for SEO.
  • Company profile page, author page, listing in site member directories.
  • Quarterly advanced training from SEO expert focused on ERP/CRM channel partners.
  • Keyword lists, topic ideas, professional review of each post.
  • Visibility by corporate software vendors and networking with other partners.
  • Invitations to join group projects.
  • VAR Members: Leads* generated from site distributed based on geography.
  • ISV Members: Leads* generated from your featured white papers. Company info included in quarterly emails sent to all members. Promote case study videos on the sidebar of the site.

*Lead is defined as contact information for person interested in software. Lead quality and quantity are not guaranteed.

Top 10 Benefits of Group Blogging

  1. More Content: Group blogs post new articles at least 20x more often than individual blogs – driving more traffic to all members.
  2. More Links: Group blogs have thousands of backlinks. More links mean a stronger blog and higher SEO rankings for all members.
  3. More Traffic: Our first blog is up to 30,000 visitors a month with 20% average year over year growth. Thousands of prospects can view your articles.
  4. Low Costs: Partners share the cost, making it an inexpensive turnkey way to have access to a professional site with ongoing maintenance and improvements.
  5. Share Leads: Get access to leads generated from site visitors, group funded whitepapers and pricing wizards.
  6. Expert Training: Take advantage of monthly group training from a professional SEO expert focused on software partners.  Learn how to blog effectively for SEO results, build your web marketing strategy and stay on top of important industry changes.
  7. Corporate Exposure: Our blogs attract attention from Microsoft (and other ERP vendors) leading to sponsored programs and ideas to build new features. Our blogs are syndicated and featured on multiple Microsoft sites for added exposure.
  8. Build Credibility: Our bloggers are seen as social media leaders and receive invitations to guest post, write articles and participate in special campaigns or member projects.
  9. Site Optimization: Our blogs are built with optimization plug-ins recommended by the top bloggers in the world.  The sites are optimized for speed and load faster than 99% of other blogs to keep visitors on the site longer.
  10. Be Heard: Our blogs create an open forum where you can write about competing products in an honest and authoritative way – and this really drives competitors nuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why is Interactive Limited and Anya Ciecierski the right team to manage this project?

Interactive Limited has experience working with 150+ software partners and is an approved Dynamics Marketing Services Bureau vendor. Anya Ciecierski is the Director of Marketing at a Dynamics VAR and has been in the channel for 14+ years. We know software partner goals, competition, keywords and resources.

2) Isn’t it free to set up my own blog? What if I already have a blog?

Blogs require constant improvement, back-links, and a steady supply of fresh posts.  Our group blogs have managers, editors, and developers who are constantly improving and maintaining the sites. Even if you have your own blog you can take advantage of the extra exposure.

3) Should I post on my own blog or the group blog? 

We feel that successful companies will post on both their own blog site to build their brand, and the group blog sites to build their traffic. We realize that good content is hard to produce, so we can help you determine a strategy for where to post, depending on your goals.

4) What if I don’t have anything to write about or don’t have time to write?

We can offer suggestions for topics and writing skills as well as referrals and best practices for using outsourced writers. Every company has the skills to be great bloggers. See www.cwmktg.com/tips.

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